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At the core of our “Bank in the Box” package you will find the engine, EBANQ®, which was designed to be the most user-friendly “out-of-the-box” online banking software in the world, not only for the end-users, but also for you, the bank administrator. You will use EBANQ® to create and maintain customer profiles, accounts, manage fee structures and track revenues. The platform is 100% web based, and encrypted using bank-grade SSL encryption.

EBANQ® allows the users to communicate securely with the administrator(s) through the secure encrypted messaging interface, to perform instantaneous transfers of funds between accounts, or to other users, or by wire transfer to any other bank in the world. Unlike any other “out-of-the-box” banking systems available on the market, EBANQ® detects and adjusts automatically to the device, screen, and browser used, ensuring a perfect layout and functionality on all devices, including phones and tablets.

The EBANQ® system supports multiple administrator accounts, with different functions and authorization levels. All relevant transaction fees can be configured in the admin settings, and applied automatically when transactions are executed. Customers can be categorized in different profile groups, allowing for different fee schedules for different client types (e.g. personal and corporate). The system supports multiple currencies and cross-currency transactions. You can customize the system in seconds by changing the color scheme, and by uploading your own logotypes in the admin settings. Visit EBANQ.Com for screenshots and free demo.


With a Thousand Dollars

How To Start A Bank

Learn how to register your own Financial Institution online. You can legally offer Banking Services to customers of any nationality and resident anywhere in the world. With your own Bank you can legally engage in activities such as Deposit Taking, Forex, Issuing of Financial Guarantees, Lending, Payment Processing, Debit and Credit Card Issuing and much more without being subject to any minimum capital or qualification requirements.


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